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Chad Henriod, Ely Lions Support Staff of the Month October 2019
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Tuesday, October 29, 2019
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October 29, 2019


Dear Ely Lions Club and White Pine County School District,

I would like to nominate Chad Henriod as the Support Staff of the Month.  Mr. Henriod has worked for the school district for 20 years in the capacity of maintenance, plumber, and all-purpose-expert.

For the most part, the work that Chad did was behind the scenes and went unnoticed,  But the services he provided affected the quality of life and education of each staff member and every student.  For example, Chad was responsible for the heating and air conditioning at every school facility. This was a challenge at times given the age of our equipment.  And there were times things didn’t work as planned! But Chad was the one who always answered the call for help. Even on weekends and evenings, he would take calls from the biomass boiler at DEN.   He would have to go to work regardless of the time and weather, drive to the schools and fix the problem so that the school would be heated for students and staff.

Whenever it would snow after hours, Chad would drive to the District Office at 4:00 am, hop in his truck and plow snow so that the schools were cleared of snow and safe for students and staff.

Chad was responsible for the water system in Lund.  This involved mandated water quality tests, continual maintenance and independent inspections.

I appreciate that Chad put his boots on every day, rolled up his sleeves and went to work because I know our school district was better for the work that he performed and I also know that he took great pride in serving the students and staff of the White Pine County School District.



Paul Johnson, Chief Financial Officer