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Nicholes Earns Director of the Year
Posted On:
Monday, November 25, 2019

Shella Nicholes is in her third year as a WPCSD board member.  When Ms. Nicholes began her career as a board member, she was quite shy and frequently quiet in board meetings. She was appointed just prior to three other new board members being elected to replace three veteran board members who were facing term limits. 

Ms. Nicholes immersed herself in learning, however.  She spent hours and sometimes full days helping and working in schools.  She attended Safety meetings, Technology meetings, professional development, and leadership training.  She attended NASB and national school board conferences. She hungered to learn and become the best board member she could be.

Shortly after her appointment, she was involved in selecting the next superintendent of the WPCSD.  Later that school year, she courageously participated in traumatic and substantial budget cuts. She listened to stakeholders and voted with her conscience.

As the new superintendent and three new board members took office, Ms. Nicholes was elected to be the board chair.  She worked with this team to develop an all-encompassing but student focused mission, vision, and values framework for the district.  She oversaw the alignment of funding initiatives to support the newly set (and ambitious) student performance goals. She meets weekly with the superintendent and the board vice chair to discuss progress, concerns, and strategies.

Ms. Nicholes’s quiet but thoughtful demeanor, her commitment to students, her support of the superintendent, her graceful leadership in board meetings, and her active involvement at the state level as a director qualify her as Director of the Year.