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March 6, 2018

Dear Parent,

You probably know that the WPCSD is required to administer state tests each year. These tests, commonly referred to as EOCs (End Of Course) are aligned to the Nevada Academic Content Standards and measure students' progress towards goals identified by policymakers and others in Carson City. District personnel work constantly to align instruction so that it matches both the content and rigor level assessed.

EOCs are administered in grades 9-12 in the areas of English/Language Arts and Mathematics. Students take the assessments digitally. Results are scored and compiled outside of the district and then reported back to district staff anywhere from July to September. Your school has a copy of all students' performance on these exams and provides a copy to you upon receipt.

For 2018, EOCs will be administered in the spring. In order to facilitate the most helpful environment possible, students take the tests in chunks each morning. It might take up to one week for a student to complete all of the mandated portions of the EOC when broken down in this manner.

While the EOC provides valuable learning data for students, educators, and parents, you do have the right as a parent to opt your student out of the testing. If you wish to do so, please contact WPCSD Test Coordinator Angie Angelopoulos at White Pine Middle School at 289-4841 or

Thank you for the incredible support you provide for your student!


Adam Young